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Enrolling your Child at Balgreen

The City of Edinburgh is divided into catchment areas (please see map below for Balgreen Primary School Catchment). Every household in Edinburgh has a catchment area associated with it, where you would be given priority admission.

Please note that although we may be your nearest school you might not be in our catchment area

Click here to download a map of our catchment area.

Primary School Admissions

Starting school is a very important milestone both for children and their parents. The vast majority of our parents choose their local, catchment school and we plan our education provision to ensure we can provide places for new pupils at their catchment school.
In the run-up to November’s registration week for the new Primary 1 intake each school will offer an opportunity for you to visit them. You can speak to staff to find out more about the school first-hand. You can see how the school runs; discuss the curriculum and its priorities as well as seeing recent examples of pupils’ work on display. In many cases you may also have the chance to meet other parents who already have children there. All of this will help you understand the school’s unique character and give you an insight into the learning environment that your child could enjoy there.


 For more information, please do not hesitate to call us on 337 6066



Read more about applying for a school place at the City of Edinburgh Council Website