Physical Education

Dear Parent/Carer,

Welcome to Physical Education!

It has been wonderful getting to know all the pupils at Balgreen Primary and I am very impressed by their positive attitude towards P.E and I hope that their hard work continues!

Throughout the year pupils will experience many different activities, games and sports to develop their Physical Fitness, Physical Competencies, Personal Qualities and Cognitive Skills.

Learning in Physical Education

SAL poster


I will share below information on pupil learning including photgraphs and pupil achievements. I hope that you enjoy an insight in to Physical Education at Balgreen Primary School!

Yours Sincerely,

Miss McLeod


Phase 1 Overview

Primary 1 –

  • Coordination and Fluency
  • Kinaesthetic awareness
  • Basic Moves: travel, direction/pathways and jumps
  • Object control: throwing, catching, sliding, rolling, kicking, stopping, aiming

Primary 2,3,4 –

  • Focus & Concentration
  • Communication
  • Teambuilding, Football, Golf, Throwing and Catching games

Primary 5,6,7 –

  • Communication
  • Kineasthetic Awareness
  • Coordination & Fluency
  • Teambuilding, Hockey, Football , Throwing & Catching, Striking games


Phase 2 Overview

Primary 1-

  • Creativity
  • Rhythm and Timing
  • Dance

Primary 2-6

  • Balance and Control
  • Creativity
  • Rhythm and Timing
  • Aesthetics: Gymnastics and Dance
  • Ball skills

Primary 6/7 & 7

  • Balance and Control
  • Creativity
  • Rhythm and Timing
  • Aesthetics: Gymnastics and Dance.
  • Ball skills
  • Additional Rugby coaching from Murrayfield Wanderers.


Balance and Control

IMG_0248 IMG_0264

Arian and Mika (P4) have great balance!


Miko (P5) showing great control to perform his star shape high in the air and land on two feet.



P3b pupils used the ipads to record their classmates’ Gymnastics sequences for peer and self assessment.


Welcome back and Happy New Year!

Here are some pictures to show what the pupils have been learning so far…

Primary 1 & 2:

Pupils have been  enjoying learning new styles of Dance! They have been working in partners to create shapes and sequences and learning to perform in time with each other and with the music!




Primary 3:

P3 have been learning about Rhythm and Timing, moving in time with a partner to create a sequence of movements.

P3 dance


P3 are also very lucky to have coaches from Murrayfield deliver fun Rugby sessions!


Primary 4:

P4 have been very creative to design their own group dance sequences where they have demonstrated different dance features such as formation, travel and moving in sync!



Primary 6 & 7:

Pupils have been creating their own group dances using a fusion of Hip-hop, Latin American and Bollywood!


P4a were reflecting on their learning by summarising what they have learned about Creativity and Rhythm and Timing.


Phase 3 Overview:

Primary 1-

  • Balance and Control
  • Confidence and Self-Esteem
  • Gymnastics

Primary 2/3-

  • Respect and Tolerance
  • Responsibility and Leadership
  • Ball skills
  • Team Games

Primary 4-7-

  • Respect and Tolerance
  • Responsibility and Leadership
  • Benchball
  • Team Building
  • Ball skills



P2a were very lucky to have a fantastic Judo session in PE this week! The pupils had a great time learning some very exciting new moves!


April Update

Sport Education

Our pupils have recently completed our Balgreen Benchball League!

We focused on demonstrating  Respect, Tolerance, Responsibility and Leadership.

Here are some pictures and quotes from P4-7 pupils.


“Polite and thoughtful, accept others’ decisions and actions”
“To be kind and thoughtful and be kind to people how you would want to be treated”


“Choosing to do the right thing and guide others.”
“You are good at giving instructions and helping everyone”


“Trusted in your role and choosing to do the right thing.”
“We had to be responsible to referee games”
“Admit if we miss a pass or goal”

“help someone up or shake hands at the end of the game”
“Being nice to others”
“Respect the other team even if they beat us”



At Balgreen we celebrate success and recognise achievement. Winning teams were presented with medals as well as special awards for outstanding Respect, Responsibility, Tolerance and Leadership. Here are some of our winners…


 Primary 1

P1 have just finished learning about Balance & Control and Confidence! We had great fun and really enjoyed Gymnastics!



Here are some quotes from the pupils!…



“Try not to wobble.”                                                        “Stay straight and not wobble”

“Try and do it without touching”                                 “Using your hands”

“Try and not fall off”                                                          “Not like jelly!”

“Walk over with no one helping and quickly.”




“Jump and land on my legs and bend”                            “Do a shape”

“Bend your knees when you land”                                   “Make a star shape”

“Someone can help you”                                                     “I done a shape in the air”



The pupils also evaluated their own performances!

P1 13P1 9P1 12


Phase 4 Overview:

Primary 1-

  • Kinaesthetic Awareness
  • Communication
  • Object control/Team games

Primary 2/3-

  • Coordination and Fluency
  • Decision Making
  • Ball skills and net games

Primary 4-7-

  • Coordination and Fluency
  • Decision Making
  • Object control, team games, net games
  • P 6 and 7 will also start the Athletics block at Saughton.