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Star Writer Award

 We will regularly post examples of star writing from our pupils.

Billy Wilson’s Parents’ Evening

Slumped in a chair, Billy Wilson glared at Spud. He hated detention! And it was all Spud’s fault. Billy snapped his pencil angrily. Spud was going to pay for this!!!
Suddenly, the school secretary slipped into the classroom. Raising an eyebrow, she handed them their Parent Consultation slips. “Uh-Oh” thought Billy. After debating with himself for five minutes, he decided to hide it from his Mum. After all, he didn’t want to get grounded again!
Sprinting down the street, Billy thought about where to hide the letter. Aha! Suddenly a lightbulb clicked in his brain. Since his Mum never made his bed, he could hide it under there!
Rushing upstairs, he shoved his bedroom door open and stuffed the letter into an old sock.
Billy’s Mum’s stomach rumbled hungrily. Peering in the grubby fridge, she realised that there was nothing to eat except a tiny portion of mouldy tomatoes and a cracked glass of lumpy, out-of-date milk. She sauntered out of the kitchen and peeked into her purse.
Hang on – didn’t she have thirty-seven pounds in here a few days ago? Now she only had twenty-seven pounds! Billy’s Mum had a sneaking suspicion about who had taken her money….
Storming up the stairs, she flung Billy’s bedroom door open and stomped inside. She searched in every nook and cranny of his room until there was only one more place to look –
Billy’s bed! Billy’s Mum pounced on the bed, throwing off the duvet eagerly. Nothing there!
Confused, she fell to her knees and began searching under the bed. A few minutes later, her hand brushed over something soft. She pulled it out, and realised it was a sock! She turned it inside-out, and out fluttered the crumpled parents’ evening slip!
Billy’s Mum stared at it, gobsmacked. She smoothed it out carefully, and began to read it. Slowly it dawned on her… She had to be there in FIVE MINUTES!
Meanwhile, Billy had been playing in the garden. His Mum yelled at him to come in and put his coat on as she frantically searched for her handbag.
Rushing out of the house, she quickened her pace. Finally, they reached the bus stop. “Come on, Come on, Come on!” she pleaded silently. Slowly, the bus emerged from around the corner.
She took hold of Billy by his shoulders and steered him onto the bus. She plonked him down on the seat, and gave him an icy glare.
Bolting down the street, she glanced down at her old, rusty watch. They had THREE MINUTES LEFT!!!
Puffing and panting, Billy and his mum dashed into the school. Exhausted, they flopped down on two seats. “How?” Billy thought to himself. Glancing around the room, he kicked his Mum’s chair repeatedly. She shot him a warning look.
Suddenly, Spud and his Mum appeared from around the corner! Collapsing onto a seat, Billy noticed that Spud looked quite shocked to see him too. “I’m going to get a coffee.” Billy’s Mum muttered grumpily. Billy grunted what was supposed to be a reply.
Despite the fact that his mum was beside him, Spud gave Billy a frosty glare. Suddenly, Miss Smith, their teacher, poked her head around the corner and called on Spud’s Mum. Spud’s Mum stood up, and followed Miss Smith around the corner, wobbling in her high heels.
Billy stormed up to Spud. Warily, Spud pushed his seat nearer to the wall, further away from Billy. Angrily Billy shoved him off his seat. Spud fell into a line of neatly stacked chairs and they tumbled down like dominoes. The chairs fell into a pile of tidy jotters sending them crashing to the ground.
Spud screamed out in pain, loud enough to wake the dead. Everyone in the corridor gaped and gasped in surprise. Billy’s mum sprinted down the corridor, wondering what the noise was. Miss Smith, Spud’s Mum, the head teacher Mr Carr, and all of the other teachers came thundering around the corner.
“Spud, are you okay?” Miss Smith exclaimed in worry and surprise.
Mr Carr gave them both detention for two months. Spud’s Mum grounded Spud for a year, and Billy’s Mum grounded Billy for two years! And that was just before she’d heard his report!
And you can imagine what Miss Smith said about Billy!