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On the Trim Trail

Our Trim Trail arrived in November and is the perfect playmate for Loose Parts play.risky play.PNG

Trim trails are the perfect way to

  • get children outdoors
  • encourage exercise in an exciting and varied environment
  • promote physical achievement 
  • develop imaginative play, invention and challenge

play is clever.PNG

The Trim Trail can stretch the ability of every child as well as developing resilience when things don’t go to plan.

never give up.PNG

Play can be about testing our own boundaries and making fun but safe choices.

To prolong the life of the Trim Trail the manufacturers have recommended safe usage. They mean we shouldn’t climb or sit on the highest bars as this particular Trim trail wasn’t designed for that.

We hope some parents have also had a wee try of our trim trail! Some Teachers and PSAs certainly have. It’s a fun and colourful addition to our playground. Thanks to all who made it happen!