Our Vision

At Balgreen Primary School we are committed to providing a nurturing, stimulating and inclusive environment where children are encouraged to acquire the knowledge and skills needed to approach life and learning with confidence. Through reflective practice and self-improvement we strive to empower all to be active, responsible citizens.

Vision - 1The following values are at the heart of everything we do:

Compassion, Honesty, Ambition, Inclusion and Respect.

 “Be all you can be”

Vision - 2


The pupils of Balgreen reflected on the core values of our school and defined their own sense of each.

Here are a few of their definitions:

Vision - 3Compassion

Help people if they are upset (p7A)

We like that the teachers care for us (P2A)

Be generous, kind and friendly to everyone (P3A)

Help people through hard times (p5)

HonestyVision - 4

Always tell the truth (P4/5)

Be trustworthy (P4)

Take responsibility (P7B)

AmbitionVision - 5

Where everyone is good and tries their best (P2A)

The will to do something, no matter how hard it is (P6)

To make more challenging choices (P5)


Be Friendly, Play with Everyone, Be welcoming (P1A)Vision - 6

Be like a family (P1B)

Co-operation (P7B)

A Place where we work together (P2B)

Not leaving someone out because they are different (P5)

RespectVision - 7

Have good manners (P3A)

Being nice to your teachers and friends (P2A)

Respect others around you and respect yourself (P7A)