Mud Kitchen

We launched our mud kitchen outdoor play activities today. Many of us had great fun in the mud kitchen. concocting all sort of recipes using loose part materials, Some of us used the mark making equipment to draw, write and to be generally very creative. Some of the class used the Maths and Numeracy resources to measure, to count collections of natural and man made items and  to order and sequence numerals.


Science – The Five Senses

 We discussed the different ways our bodies find out about the world around us and discovered we have five senses, seeing, hearing, touching, tasting and smelling. We made Mr. Potato Heads to remind us what the five senses are.We have also enjoyed playing a Five Senses Game.




 Learning through play

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We have all settled well in to the school environment and are getting used to being in Primary One. Within the classroom, there are play opportunities to enhance and enrich our learning. Here we are sharing, socialising, taking turns and learning many new ideas through the various play areas in the classroom.


We have been learning letters of the alphabet. So far we have learned a,t,p,r and n. We know the sound these letters make and we have been using these letter sounds to build 3 letter words. We have been learning cursive script and how to form these letters correctly when we write them.


Numeracy and Maths

In numeracy we have been learning to count, recognise numerals, sequence numerals by  starting and stopping at various points and to carefully count collections of items.



In Maths, we have started some early measuring skills, using language such as shorter than, longer than and the same size as. We have used a measuring stick to compare and find items in the school that are longer or shorter than the stick.

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Myself, My School and Family

Our topic this term is all about ourselves, our families and our school. We have launched this topic by looking carefully at ourselves in a mirror and drawing our portraits. We have discussed similarities and differences. Shortly,  we will be going on a tour of the school, meeting key staff and finding out about their roles within the school. We will also tour the school to familiarise ourselves with where everything is and to learn what various areas of the school are used for.



Term Ahead

Primary One

 Dear Parent/Carer,

Welcome to Balgreen! The children are settling in and gradually getting used to school life. We hope you find the termly information below useful and that you enjoy supporting your child in their learning at home.

Literacy and English

We will be…

  • Reading and discussing rhyming texts and stories which have repetitive parts
  • Sending paired/ shared reading books home
  • Learning the ORT character names
  • Experiencing a variety of fine motor skills activities – L to R orientation activities, printing, cutting, drawing, collage, dough, sand, shaving foam, etc
  • Using Alphabet Magic/ Jolly Phonics to learn a,t,p,r,m,n,h,o,c,g,d,e and read and spell some 3 letter words
  • Learning to write cursively the letters above
  • Learning to read and write some common words e.g. put, the, he, was, to, I

Numeracy and Mathematics

We will be…

  • Sequencing numerals 1-10+
  • Learning numbers after/ before
  • Learning to count collections of items
  • Recognising domino / pairs patterns
  • Making finger patterns


 Topic Maths

  •  Measure – length and height : comparing/ordering/using measure vocabulary
  • Pattern –copying and creating patterns using a variety of materials

Learning Across the Curriculum

 Our topic this term is My School and Family. In this topic we will explore families, the school and its surroundings and the role of key staff within it.

Our Science topics are:

  • Our 5 Senses – using them to explore our world
  • Sound – listening to and creating a variety of sounds


Gym days are Mondays and Wednesdays. It would be helpful on these days if your child could wear a polo shirt / sweatshirt. Shirts, ties and tights make changing for gym more time consuming. Please make sure all your child’s clothes are named. Many thanks in advance.Should you lose a trip letter you can find it on the school website by clicking on the class page.

We appreciate that you may need to speak to us about issues which arise. We are more than happy to speak with you at the end of the day.

Yours sincerely,

Mrs Wheelaghan and Mrs Erskine