Welcome to P1a’s class website!

Here you will find out information about the term ahead, see some photos and hear about the learning that has taken place.


This month started off challenging – with Challenge Week! And what a busy week that was. We enjoyed visits from Mr Napier, Mrs Palmer and Mrs Edgar who are people we can go to if we have a problem. Nick, from Place 2 Be, read us the Big Bag of Worries and we learnt he was another person who can help if we have a worry. Over the week we thought hard about our own learning; the things we were doing really well in and the things we found quite difficult. We learnt how to self-assess our work using traffic lights and smiley faces.

We have been really busy learning lots of letter sounds. To help us, we do actions and sing songs, make play dough letters, trace letters using pens, build words on our magnetic boards and use ipad apps to make colourful, sparkly letters.  

We have also been working hard on our number work this month. We are confident in identifying dice and pairs patterns, can recognise numerals (1-10/20) and have been working in pairs to sequence numbers. In our play, we have made colour patterns and explored 3D shape.

We had a spellbinding time at our Hallowe’en party! Tricky Ricky wowed us with his magic show and we had a spectacular time dancing and bobbing for apples. Mrs Jeffrey was amazed at our creative, imaginative costumes; we were witches, werewolves, vampires, mermaids, cats, pumpkins, batman, spiderman, skeletons and much more!


We have all settled in well to primary school life and have enjoyed the couple of weeks we have spent in p1. We have learnt each others names and begun to form new friendships. We know our way around the parts of the school that we use including our playground, toilets, lunch hall and main office.
In our learning we have looked at dice patters, numeral identification and formation, identified objects beginning with the sounds ‘a’ and ‘t’ and begun to learn how to write these letters. We have learnt how to hold scissors and made a tumbling teddy.
Our MADD focus has been the Rainbow Fish; we have enjoyed listening and watching the story, took part in drama hot-seating with the Rainbow Fish, explored how we can move our bodies like different sea creatures and enjoyed singing under the sea songs. By mixing primary colours, we painted our own rainbows. WOW – we have done so much in just a few weeks!


September was a very busy month in p1! We really enjoyed sharing our MADD experience with our families; our water symphony sounded great, we enjoyed a story and shared a play experience with our mums and dads.
Our role-play corner has been changed to into a hospital and this has sparked lots of learning about the different jobs people do; there are children who want to be a paramedic, a nurse or an obstetrician when they grow up! We have watched videos of people getting MRI scans, injections and X-rays. In our hospital we have enjoyed acting out doctor/patient scenarios, helped fixed ‘broken bones’ with bandages and listened to our heart beats with stethoscopes.
We have begun reading books about the characters we know, including Biff, Chip, Kipper and Floppy. We are learning to look closely at the pictures and use them as clues to help us read the story. We are also learning to recognise the main characters’ names and some of us are even sounding out short words!
Many of us have developed our ICT skills by exploring BeeBots. We found out how to program them using the buttons with arrows showing the direction of movement. We wanted to build mazes for them so we used masking tape and wooden trees to make paths on a tuff tray.
As a team, we created our class rules. We considered how we want our classroom to look and how we want to feel in it. From this we established 3 agreements that we feel are important to our wellbeing and enjoyment at school.