Settling In

All of us in p1B have settled really well into Balgreen and our school routines.  Mrs Jeffrey is so proud of all the pupils!  We know our way around the parts of the school we use, can get our lunches independently and are getting stuck into our learning!  Thank you to all those who were able to make it along to our curriculum evening, we hope you found it useful. And thank you to those who joined us for an open morning, hopefully you enjoyed spending time in class with your child and learnt a wee bit about how we learn numeracy.  We have done so much already!

NUMERACY – We have been focusing on recognising dice and pairs patterns, making finger patterns, numeral recognition, counting and making collections.  We have enjoyed using a wide range of materials and learning strategies from jelly bags to counting out glittery eggs, from matching numeral pegs to star collections and getting a bit messy with sand and dirt while forming our numbers. 

LITERACY – We are doing lots of pre-writing fine motor development through a variety of activities including threading beads on pipe cleaners, using tweezers to pick up pompoms, scissor skills, tracing lines with glass gems, using pipettes in water, etc.  This will help us in our writing.

We have learnt many letter sounds (t, a, p, r, n, m and h) and are beginning to write these letters.  We are learning to listen to the sounds within words, particularly the first, middle and end sounds in CVC words.  With this knowledge and a wee bit guidance, we are even beginning to read and write some simple words.  Slowly but surely we are learning to crash the sounds together as well as use our fingers to ‘finger spell’ out the sounds. 

Not only this, but we have also been learning to recognise the character names that will appear in our reading books soon.  These are words we just need to know by looking at them, but we can be word detectives and spot some of the sounds we know in them as well.

LEARNING THROUGH PLAY – We do so much of our learning through play in p1.  This can be role play, outdoor play, imaginative play, construction, experimenting, etc.  Our role play corner has so far been an ice cream parlour and is currently a campsite. We have enjoyed a teddy bear’s picnic, exploring water beads, a sensory walk around the garden, underwater scenes, sand play, toy car washing and lots more.  We develop our vocabulary through this play and learn all important social skills.

 Please click on the link to access our Term Ahead letter.

P1 Term Ahead – Term 1 2017