Welcome to Primary 1C’s learning log. Here you will find information about what we have been learning so far this year. The areas we will be covering in term 2 are as follows;

Literacy and English


We will be…

  • ·         Reading and discussing rhyming texts
  • ·         Continuing to send reading books home  weekly.
  • ·         Learning Stage 2 key words
  • ·         Experiencing a variety of fine motor skills activities – L to R orientation activities, printing, cutting, drawing, collage, dough, sand, shaving foam, etc
  • ·         Using Alphabet Magic/ Jolly Phonics to learn  j, s, u, y, b, i, l and k, and read and spell some 3 letter words
  • ·         Learning to write cursively the letters above
  • ·         Learning to read and write Block 1 common words – she, saw, want, no, is, his, her


Numeracy and Mathematics


We will be…

  • ·         Sequencing numerals 1-20+
  • ·         Learning numbers after/ before
  • ·         Learning to count 2 collections of items
  • ·         Recognising domino / pairs patterns
  • ·         Making finger patterns
  • ·         Partitioning numbers- e.g. 6 is 3 and 3, 4 and 2, 5 and 1
  • ·         Double numbers (1-5)


         Topic Maths

·         Shape – sorting, recognising, naming and creating with 2D and 3D shape

·         Positional Language –up, down, left right, forwards, backwards etc.

Learning Across the Curriculum


The children will have opportunities to learn across the curriculum through play. Each class consists of different play areas. The children are photographed while they are playing and these pictures are looked at as a class and discussed on a weekly basis then put into our learning log. The teacher notes down areas that the children are finding particularly interesting and then asks the children what their next steps in learning could be and the skills they are using. The teacher uses this as a focus for teaching and to further enhance their play / learning.


In addition, the children will have the following experiences in term 2:

  • ·         a visit from Tricky Ricky
  • ·         Halloween / Bonfire night activities
  • ·         opportunities to learn about how to look after a baby
  • ·         a visit from a road safety officer
  • ·         Christmas activities

Gym days are now only on Thursdays. It would be helpful on these days if your child could wear a polo shirt / sweatshirt. Shirts, ties and tights make changing for gym more time consuming. Please make sure all your child’s clothes are named. Many thanks in advance.

Should you lose a trip letter you can find it on the school website by clicking on the class page.

Please can I remind parents to put their child’s reading folder in their bag every Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday. These are the days I teach reading and it is very inconvenient to supply extra books on a daily basis and keep up to date with reading records. The sounds and tricky words should be kept in a plastic folder at home so they don’t fall out of their folders at school.

We appreciate that you may need to speak to us about issues which arise. We are more than happy to speak with you at the end of the day.

We started term 1 with out MADD project. We read the book “The Rainbow Fish” and based learning around music, dance, art and play linked to the story.


In term 1 the children in Primary 1 have enjoyed a variety of play indoors and outdoors. They have been learning sounds and letters through play, as well as numeral formation, dice patterns and sequencing numbers.

Here are some photos to show our learning;


We hope you have enjoyed visiting our page and looking at photos of our learning.

P1C, Mrs Harris, Mrs McCardie and Miss Docherty