Welcome to P2A’s web page!

Welcome back! We have all settled back into school after the October break. I hope you all enjoyed your break. I have provided information below about what we will be covering in term 2, along with important admin details.

Literacy and English

In Literacy, we are covering block 4of the Literacy Rich Programme. We will be covering:





In writing, the children will be practising sentence building and dictation. However, our focus for this term is designing and writing posters, more instructions writing and descriptive writing.

In reading we will be following the Highland Literacy Project. The children will be learning split digraphs and will be starting to use magic e in their reading and writing.

Numeracy and Mathematics

In Numeracy and Maths Primary 2, we will be learning about–

• strategies for subtraction
• why time is important
• days, months and seasons,
• telling o clock and half past times on an analogue clock
• 2D and 3D shape
• symmetry

Within their SEAL groups, some children will continuing to work on Chapter 6 while others will be starting Chapter 7. The first part of this chapter will involve taking away, combining and counting equal groups , partitioning 5, counting on and saying numbers before and after a given number within 100,

Learning Across the Curriculum

Our new topic this term is Sun, Moon and Stars . In this topic, we will be learning about:

• sun facts
• solar energy
• how to be safe in the sun
• phases of the moon
• moon facts
• differences between day and night
• nocturnal animals
• planets
• rockets and astronauts
• constellations
• reflections

In Art, we will be creating models of space ships / rockets. We will be creating wintery silhouettes by using black paper and paint. As Christmas is approaching, we will be creating Christmas decorations for the school fair.

This term, children will be continuing to learn French. We will cover foods, animals and continuing to practice colours and numbers.


P.E: is still happening Mondays and Wednesdays. Please ensure your child has a P.E kit in school which should consist of gym shoes, shorts and a tee-shirt.
Music: will take place on Thursdays
Visits: We are hoping to arrange a school trip linked to our Sun, Moon and Stars topic
Homework: Reading homework will be sent home from Monday- Thursday. A homework learning wall will be sent home termly for your child to complete.
Reading: It has been found that the following routine of home reading has a very positive effect on a child who is learning to read. It is important not to miss out any of the following steps.

Day 1 – read the story to your child and discuss what happens and why
Day 2 – share the book together. You and your child could read it at the same time or take it in turns
Day 3 – Let your child read the book to you. Remember to give lots of praise!
Day 4 – Let the child read the book again and talk about their favourite pages words and pictures. Cover the pictures and see if they can still read it!

Please do not hesitate to contact me if you have any further questions.

Mrs Harris


Term 1

We are all settling in well to Primary 2! We have been getting on well with learning across the curriculum, and have been concentrating on building positive relationships with one another in our new class. Here you will find information about what have been covering in Term 1.


Our friend Buddy the bunny is not in a good way. He has toothache. He is tired and doesn’t eat enough healthy foods. He goes to bed late and doesn’t hop around much. He is a very unhealthy bunny. Our topic this term is Happy and Healthy. We have talked about the importance of teeth brushing, exercising and eating a balanced and nutritious diet. Our class have used what we have learned to help Buddy become healthy by giving him lots of advice and guidance! Also, as part of this topic, we are learning all about our bodies and its organs. Our physical health is so important, but so is our mental health and talking about our feelings. We are starting to use the Blob Tree to talk about how we feel at school and in the playground.



In Numeracy we will be working on addition and will start to learn about strategies for subtraction. We we will also be doing lots of number sequencing, counting forwards and backwards, sharing amounts into equal groups and generally developing mental maths strategies. We have been practising developing our counting on strategies and revising our number bonds to 10 and 20. Our topic in Maths is Money. We are learning how to count money and also about how we use it and keep it safe.


In Literacy, we have been revising our Block 2 words from P1. At the start of term we wrote some wonderful postcards all about our summer holidays. We are going to be really focusing on writing in full sentences, with a capital letter and full stop. We are learning to write instructions for hand washing and teeth brushing in relation to our  Happy and Healthy topic. We have also written about our favourite exercise. Next, we will be learning how to write poems about Autumn.


In art, we have been using our knowledge of types of teeth to create 3D models of mouths. We also used cutting techniques to make bristles for our arty toothbrushes! Further linked to our Happy and Healthy topic we have used cotton buds to make skeletons on black paper. They are rather spooky, so watch out!!


Reading will take place from Monday to Thursday and previous books must be returned to school on Monday. All reading groups will be issued with a new book on Mondays.

Homework walls will be given out termly. Please help your child to colour a brick on the wall to show when they have completed a homework task.

P.E Primary 2A has P.E on Mondays and Wednesdays. Please ensure your child comes to school with their P.E kit on those days.

If you have any concerns at any time, please approach me in the school playground and we can make an appointment to talk. I am here to help.

Mrs Harris