Welcome to P2A

Our first term started with a MADD project using Fantastic Mr Fox as our stimulous. The children loved listening to the story and were keen to act it out in our play area where Mr Fox and his friends were hidden in the underground tunnels while the terrible tractors dug all around them. Mrs Gillies our “In-House” visiting art specialist, taught the children how to create their own fantastic foxes using mixed media.

Apart from on a Wednesday, when we have an assembly, our mornings begin with a soft start where the children can choose from a variety of table top activities. Some of the firm favourites are Playdoh with letter stamps and number cutters, Lego and Duplo, jigsaws, our finger puppet theatre and creating with magnetic balls and sticks.

In numeracy we are learning to add 2 and 3 numbers together using a variety of games and activities.

Our Outdoor Learning Day was a great success! Some of the class were involved in environmental art where they created some gorgeous pictures and displays using things from nature which they had found in our wood.

Halloween at Balgreen wouldn’t be the same without a visit from Tricky Ricky the magician. As always the children laughed and laughed for the duration! Afterwards we had some apple dooking back in the classroom.

Term Ahead P2A

Term 2 – 2018 


Dear Parent/Carer,

Welcome back to Term 2! We hope you find the termly information below useful. Thank you for all the support with Homework it is very much appreciated.

Literacy and English


We will be…

·         Reading and discussing ORT books- core books and Decode and Develop – including learning key words

·         Reading more Roald Dahl books

·         Learning Block 4 words – Magic e and its effect on a,e,i,o and u

·         Revising Block 1/ 2 Common words and focusing on Block 3 common words

·         Revising joined cursive script

·         Carrying on with the formation of Capital letters

·          Doing Big Writing linked to ORT, Halloween, Tricky Ricky, Bonfire Safety and our Science Topic Sun, Moon and Earth

Numeracy and Mathematics


In Numeracy,  we will be ….

working on addition and subtraction and  we will also be doing lots of number sequencing, counting forwards and backwards, sharing amounts into equal groups and generally developing mental maths strategies            


Time: We will be ….

*learning that there are 60 minutes in an hour

*learning to read o’clock times on an analogue clock.

*learning to read o’clock times on a digital clock.

*recording o’clock times on an analogue/digital clock.

*learning to read half past times on an analogue clock.

*making links with fractions to help identify half past.

*reading half past times on a digital clock.

*recording half past times on an analogue/digital clock.

*learning that there are 12 months in a year and being able to name  them in sequence not always starting at January

*using non-standard units to measure the time taken to complete a task.

*using non-standard units to compare time taken to complete tasks.


Learning Across the Curriculum


Our topic this term is The Sun, Moon and Stars

In this topic, we will learn to …

Identify the sun, moon and stars in the sky

Describe how the presence or absence of the sun gives us day and night and how that relates to the Earth’s spin

Explain why the sun appears to move across the sky during the day ( sun dial and shadows)

Describe how the moon moves across the sky and appears to change in shape and relate this to the movement of the Earth.  Describe the phases of the moon during a month.

Describe how the Earth moves around the Sun once a year

Name the Planets and learn their order in the Solar System


Interdisciplinary Learning

We will learn to use Non–Fiction books about the Solar System, highlight key words and write our own factual sentences, to make our own Non-fiction booklets


Tuesday is our day for PE with our specialist teacher, Mr Murray. Our second day for PE will vary but if gym kits are in school anyway, it will allow for flexibility.  Please make sure all your child’s clothes are named. Many thanks in advance.


We plan to visit the National Museum in Chambers Street to attend a workshop on the Earth, Sun and Moon and The Solar System.


We will be holding a Gifting Afternoon on the 14th November where you will be invited into school to find out about the Read, Write and Count bags which have been gifted to children nationwide by the Scottish Book Trust. You will hear about what the bags contain and how you might help your child at home. Then you will be invited into class to share in an activity linked to what is in the bag. More details with timings etc to come.


We appreciate that you may need to speak to us about issues which arise. We are more than happy to speak with you at the end of the day.


Yours sincerely,

Mrs Erskine


Our Soft Start mornings are very popular with the children. Some of the activities on offer at the moment are linked to our Space topic.

Wearing spots and stripes for Children in Need, the children were delighted to wear their Solar System headbands and were super excited to be able to take them home!


Thanks to all the parents who joined us in class for the Read, Write, Count gifting afternoon. We read one of the books called  A Tale of Two Beasts then the children created their own little beast to take back home with them.