Welcome to P2B!!!




Dear Parent/Carer,

Welcome back! The children have all made a fantastic start to the new school year and are enjoying learning across the curriculum. New friendships are forming in the mix of classes and the Primary 2s are doing a great job of being good role models to the new Primary 1s in the playground. You can  find below a summary of what we will be learning this term as well as some useful information:



Term 1 – Term ahead letter

Literacy and English

In Literacy, we are revising Block 2 and 3 sounds of the Literacy Rich Programme. We will be covering the sounds: ch/sh/th/wh, ai/ay, oa /ow, igh/y, ea/ee, oo/ew, oi/oy, ou/ow, ng/nk. We will also be covering rk/nd/st/mp/lk/sk/nt/ft/sp/lk and br/cr/dr/fr/gr/pr/tr.

In Writing, the children will be practising sentence building and dictation. The key focus will be on punctuating a simple sentence and making sure our sentences make sense. Also, our focus for this term is instruction writing and story writing, linked to our topic – Happy and Healthy.

In Reading, we will be following the Highland Literacy Project – the same programme as Primary 1. The children will be blending two letter phonemes to read new words and will learn to use word recognition strategies. We will also be working on prediction skills as well as asking and answering questions on the text we have read.

Numeracy and Mathematics

In Numeracy we will be working mainly on addition but we will also be doing lots of number sequencing, counting forwards and backwards, sharing amounts into equal groups and generally developing mental maths strategies. We will also be working on odd and even numbers and ordinal numbers. We have been already practising developing our counting on strategies and revising our number bonds to 10.

In Maths our focus this term is money. The children we will be working on handling, recognising and adding up different coins in role play experiences in the classroom.

Within their SEAL groups, children will be recapping on Chapter 6 e.g., numeral sequences forwards and backwards to 30, counting items in collections, partitioning numbers. Some children will be starting chapter 7, which involves developing strategies when using numbers beyond 30.

Learning Across the Curriculum

Our new topic this term is Happy and Healthy. In this topic, we will be learning about:
• Healthy eating
• Looking after our teeth
• The importance of exercise
• Hygiene – keeping clean / washing hands etc.
• Our five senses
• The human body and major organs
• Friendships
• Rules in school
• Keeping safe
Feelings and emotions

We will be doing lots of cross curricular work. In Art, we will be creating models of mouths and teeth. We will also be creating skeletons using cotton buds and black paper, portraits of friends and collages linked to the 5 senses. In Science, we will be making fake lungs using recycled water bottles, balloons, straws and elastic bands!

The children will be taking part in a dance workshop with the theme Happy and Healthy.

This term, children will be continuing to learn French. We will cover colours, numbers from 11-20 and introducing ourselves.


P.E: is now going to be happening on Mondays and Wednesdays. Please ensure your child has a P.E kit in school which should consist of gym shoes, shorts and a t-shirt.
Music: Music will take place on Wednesdays.
Visits: We will be visiting the local woodland area and will investigate how we use our senses.
Homework: Reading homework will be sent home from Monday- Thursday. A homework learning wall will be sent home termly for your child to complete.
Reading: It has been found that the following routine of home reading has a very positive effect on a child who is learning to read. It is important not to miss out any of the following steps:

Day 1 – Read the story to your child and discuss what happens and why.
Day 2 – Share the book together. You and your child could read it at the same time or take it in turns.
Day 3 – Let your child read the book to you. Remember to give lots of praise!
Day 4 – Let the child read the book again and talk about their favourite pages words and pictures. Cover the pictures and see if they can still read it!


If you have any questions or concerns about your child then please feel free to speak to us, wherever possible, at the end of the day.

Yours sincerely,

Ms Karagianni