Music with Sarah

For the last 3 Mondays we have been singing Scottish songs and playing rhythm games with a visiting specialist musician called Sarah

See the video below





Last week a strange man with a limp, entered the school, went into Mr Napier’s Office and uttered the words Shiver me timbers! He then handed over a message in a bottle and a treasure chest and asked Mr Napier to give these items to P2B!

It turned out the letter was from a Captain Birds Nest who was the skipper of the Black Swan. Unfortunately there was a storm and he lost his crew and his ship. Captain Birds Nest is now living on a deserted island. We think he might be living on Inchcolm Island in the middle of the Forth. We are hoping to go on a trip at the end of March.  Our intention is to catch the Maid of the Forth boat to Inchcolm Island to visit the lonely Captain Birds Nest. In the meantime, P2B have been very kind and agreed to be Captain Birds Nest’s crew until he finds his old crew. P2B will be making telescopes to help find the crew, building ships at the loose parts and during technology lessons. They will make diagrams of the ships and take photos so the Captain can follow the instructions. The class have already written letters back to the Captain to cheer him up and explain how they will help. P2B will also learn mapping skills and learn what a bird’s eye view is. They will also learn about keys/ symbols, compass points and co-ordinates and lots more.

The children decided we could also learn about non- standard units of measure using cutlasses, ropes, wooden legs and pirate hats!





P2B Term Ahead – Term 3 2019 (1)




Term 3  Jan – Apr 2019

Welcome back and hope you have all had a welcome break and fun filled festive time

Robert Burns and Scots Night

The children worked very hard learning to recite their Scots Poems . Well done to Imtihal, Thambu and Harvey who were the 3 finalists. Congratulations to Harvey for being chosen to recite his poem on Scots Night and also being awarded a Bronze medal for being 3rd in the P1-3 competition!



Christmas Time

A very special visitor came to our Christmas Party ho! ho! ho!




Earth and the Solar System

This topic has fascinated the children and hopefully answered lots of burning questions the class had about e.g how do we get day and night, how do we get the seasons, where does the moon go during the day, how many planets are there, what/who are the planets named after? etc etc

The children have loved playing in the Balgreen Apollo 11 and one child was even overheard saying ‘Someone better tell Mrs Wheelaghan that the Balgreen Apollo 11 has been left like a pigsty!’ I wonder if Neil Armstrong ever heard those words!!?

We watched the John Lewis Christmas advert from a few years back, where an old man is all alone on the Moon but a little girl sends him a telescope by tying helium balloons to it. Many of the children looked quite tearful watching the advert and were concerned for the old man but enjoyed writing letters to him to say how they would help him.

The children enjoyed making 3D models of oxygen tanks with Miss Swainson, our student teacher and had fun performing Space Oddity and I am the Earth at our mini – enterprise concert. Thank you sooooo much for your very generous donations.  £58 odds was raised for the Salvation Army which was handed over to Karen Barbour from the Salvation Army, Gorgie Road.

The children made wonderful 3D space models for their Homework Wall task. We had everything from rockets to UFO’s, aliens to Solar Systems and many of the models came with working parts. The children confidently delivered their Space Talks to their classmates and  enjoyed asking each other questions about their models.

Term 2 Oct until Dec 2018

Children in Need Day

P2B enthusiastically joined in the fun and came to school looking very spotty!! Money raised from all the classes from P1-P7 was sent off to the BBC Children in Need appeal. Our Money topic was enriched by this cause and we did lots of Pudsey related money activities as well as finger painting to make spotty bandages for Pudsey.







Primary 2 Homework Space Tasks

Homework Wall Term 2 2018

P2B Term Ahead – Term 2 2018


Tricky Ricky the Magician found time in his busy schedule to dropinto Balgreen School and perform for us! We had lots of fun and laughter! The magic  tricks and funny jokes went down extremely well with the children and true to form,  Tricky Ricky included a few adult jokes, to check the staff were paying attention and make us giggle!


Welcome to P2B’s website page

Hope you enjoy reading about what we have been learning  and seeing our photos.

Term 1 P2B  August – October 2018


On our first day back we talked about our holidays and places we had been. We discussed postcards and when/why we send them. We wrote postcards to Mrs. Jack to cheer her up, as she had hurt her back.

We started our MADD topic. We chose Fantastic Mr Fox as our class novel and brainstormed all the exciting Music, Art , Drama and Dance activities we could do linked to this novel. We came up with lots of good ideas. We also linked this novel to Literacy activities and especially enjoyed making Wanted Posters for Mr. Fox. We debated whether we thought Mr Fox was a criminal or not and whether he deserved to be on a Wanted Poster.


We did lots of wonderful art work linked to Fantastic Mr Fox, with Mrs Gillies our art specialist. We enjoyed demonstrating our new art skills to our parents on the Open Morning and enjoyed teaching our parents how to draw foxes, using mixed media. We explained to our parents what hot and cold colours are. ( Just in case they weren’t sure! )

Our topic this term has been Happy and Healthy.

Ben Bear had been up to mischief and was eating junk food, suffering from lack of sleep and was in agony with toothache because he wasn’t brushing his teeth morning and night. Luckily, Ben Bear has been going home with one child at a time, on a weekly basis and has been learning the error of his ways! The children in P2B have been showing him how to have a healthy lifestyle and have been keeping a diary so Ben doesn’t forget the good advice! The class have also been learning about good hygiene as well as how to look after your teeth. They also had a visit from some trolls and unicorns who had unfortunately caught head lice. The children enjoyed shampooing and grooming these creatures to help clear up their nit problem!


We also talked about nutritious, balanced meals and then used collage materials to make a healthy plate.

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We have been learning to add two numbers together, using a variety of techniques and strategies.


A fox went out on a chilly night

We loved meeting up with P2A to practise singing A fox went out on a chilly night. Gus, my brother came into school and taught us rhythm patterns to accompany our singing.

Zone Time

Learning through play in our zone areas


P2B Term Ahead – Term 1 2018