Welcome to Primary 3A

Please find information below on what the children will be learning for the rest of this term as well as some activities and achievements that have already taken place since we returned after Christmas. At the end of the page are some useful admin points.


Literacy and English

In reading we will be looking at fiction texts.  We will be learning how to analyse and evaluate texts and frame questions to ask others.  We will be continuing to develop comprehension skills, too.

As part of Listening and Talking, we will be doing regular show and tell slots to give children opportunities to speak in front of their peers.  As part of their home learning activities your child will also be asked to prepare a short talk on their favourite book to present to the class.

In writing, we will be looking at the features of a letter.  We will also be focussing on newspaper reports, investigating structure, headlines and captions.

The Big Snuggle

On the last day before the February half-term the class took part in ‘The Big Snuggle’, an activity that was suggested as part of ‘The First Minister’s Reading Challenge’. The children came dressed in their pyjamas for the morning, bringing along a favourite cuddly toy and a favourite bedtime story.  We all enjoyed hot chocolate and cookies whilst reading some of the stories to the whole class. The morning was completed by making a ‘quilt’ made up of our favourite stories – a quilt which is now on proud display in the classroom.


Numeracy and Mathematics

In numeracy we will continue to work on our number bonds to 20 and how they can help us with addition and subtraction. We will be learning how to share a whole into equal parts.  We will continue to practice our 2, 5 and 10 times table and we will be introducing the 4 times table, too.

We will also be learning to recognise odd and even numbers and how to round numbers to the nearest 10 or 100.

 We will be learning to tell the time on digital and analogue clocks focussing on o’clock, half past, quarter past and quarter to.  We will be learning to estimate different lengths of time and know that the 24 hour day is split into AM/PM.


Learning Across The Curriculum

This term will be jam-packed with topic work investigating Ancient Egypt.  Pupils will learn about the history and customs of this culture.

We will be organising and running a P3 Egyptian Museum day near the end of term. Families will be invited to come in and share our learning – details to follow.

At the end of our Egyptian topic we will be taking the children to the National Museum of Scotland on Chamber Street for an interactive workshop on Ancient Egypt.  This trip will take place on Monday 26th March.


Chalk like an Egyptian! We had great fun imagining what we we would look like as Egyptian kings and queens in one of our expressive art lessons. After having our photographs taken and printed, we then got to draw ourselves like Nefertiti, Cleopatra or some of the pharaohs.



We also looked at the process of mummification by ‘mummifying’ one of the class. After first washing the body, and then showing all the stages (including removing some of the organs!) we finally got to wrap the body of our willing volunteer.


 The Daily Mile

Our class take part in ‘The Daily Mile’ challenge.  We go out for 15 minutes each day to walk, jog or run in order to build up our fitness.  Primary 3A set themselves a challenge to walk the distance from Edinburgh to Paris. We celebrated our ‘arrival’ in the French capital with some grape juice, croissants and had our French passport stamped. We then set off for Berlin and arrived shortly before Christmas – just in time for some German biscuits. Next stop – Switzerland!

We get really hot and thirsty after ‘The Daily Mile’ so please provide your child with a bottle of water for in school.


The End Of The School Day

Now that the children are in P3 we will be starting to dismiss them as a class at the end of the day. It is then up to them to find the adult who is collecting them. If your child can’t find their adult they should come back in to school and report back to their teacher / school office.



Home learning will include weekly reading, a choice of spelling activities along with a termly home learning wall with activities from across the curriculum.  Termly homework is the same as last term, with 4 activities to be completed by the 21st March.

Please ensure your child brings their reading book into school every day.  Please also sign your child’s reading record once they have completed any set reading.


P.E. is on Thursdays. Your child should bring suitable clothing (shorts, t-shirt and gym shoes) which should be labelled with their name.

If you have any questions or concerns about your child then please feel free to speak to us, wherever possible, at the end of the day.


Yours sincerely

Mr Hall and Miss McCowatt