P3B: Term 2

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Literacy and English

Children will read in class every week during Guided Reading lessons where we will explore text in depth, develop our use of expression and utilise strategies for reading unfamiliar words.

Our focus in writing this term will be poetry. We will be creating a variety of poems, looking at rhyming and non-rhyming as well as acrostic and calligram poetry.

Pupils will begin to develop note-taking skills by using a variety of media (books, iPads, video) in order to research information linked to our new topic ‘Wacky Weather’.

Another focus for us this term will be up-levelling sentences using more interesting vocabulary, connectives and punctuation. We have also begun to explore synonyms and antonyms.

Spelling will concentrate on adding suffixes (-ing, -ed and -ly).


Numeracy and Maths

This term we will be looking to collect, present and analyse data using tables, bar graphs and Venn diagrams. We will be exploring symmetry in the environment and creating our own symmetrical pictures and patterns. Pupils will also be developing their knowledge of grid reference systems and learning to use these to locate and describe position.

We will be continuing with our focus on addition and subtraction using a variety of methods (number bonds, doubling, partitioning etc.). Pupils will be working on counting in 3s and using the 2 Times Table to solve multiplication problems.


Learning Across the Curriculum


This term we will be learning all about ‘Wacky Weather’. We will be looking at the weather we experience here in Scotland as well as extreme weather conditions experienced elsewhere in the world. We will also be learning to use and interpret basic weather symbols and to talk about and understand seasons and climates.

Modern Languages:

Pupil will continue to develop their French vocabulary. We will be recapping general conversation and learning to describe the weather.

Expressive Arts (Nativity!):

This term both Primary 3 classes will be working hard on our Nativity show. We will be learning 8 new songs (with actions of course!) and working on a range of drama techniques such as using movement, expression and our voice to enhance our performances. We greatly appreciate your support with rehearsing song lyrics and lines at home and look forward to seeing you all on performance day! (details to follow soon).


P.E. will take place on Mondays and Tuesdays with Mr Murray. Please ensure children have their P.E. kit with them on these days to ensure they get the full benefit of lessons.

Home Learning:

Homework will be given out on a Tuesday and should be returned to class on the following Monday.

Home reading books will be changed every week. Pages read should be recorded in children’s yellow Reading Diaries.

School Trip:

Both Primary 3 classes will be visiting the National Museum of Scotland to take part in an exciting dinosaur workshop. P3A will be attending their workshop on Tuesday 11th December 2018 (more details to follow!).