Primary 3B

Term 3

Walk like an Egyptian….

We are really enjoying our new topic, we have already been learning about how to write like an Egyptian using hieroglyphics, we have learned all about pyramids and we have enjoyed learning about the ‘mummification’ process.

We enjoyed learning about the various steps involved in mummifying a dead body and had fun acting out the mummification process on each other.

How to make an Egyptian Mummy (see the different steps below):

  1. First wash the body with palm oil and water from the River Nile.



2. Cut out the internal body parts (except the heart). Put the liver, lungs, intestines and stomach into canopic jars to dry out.3.


4. Next, pull out the brains through the nostrils using a hook. Fill the skull with sawdust or resin.


5. Cover the body with natron salt. Leave it to dry for 40 days.


6. After the 40 days, remove the natron and pack the body with straw.


7. Apply make up, fake eyes and hair to make it look nice.


8. Finally, wrap the body in linen fabric, adding amulets and a Book of the Dead.





Technology – Baking

As part of our Scot’s Week celebrations we baked Scottish shortbread


125g plain flour

62g icing sugar

62g cornflour

125g butter (room temperature)


First we turned the oven on to 180C


Next we greased a baking tray with butter


Then we weighed out the dry ingredients


After that we cut the butter into cubes and then rubbed it in with our hands


We continued to rub until the breadcrumb mixture formed a dough


Finally we rolled it out and made round shortbread shapes


We placed our shapes on a baking tray and cooked them until firm and light golden


Yum, yum – what a tasty treat!

Writing letters

Tony the Tiger has actually been getting up to all sorts of mischief in our class. For letter writing this week we wrote letters to his mum telling her about the various antics he has been getting up to. Our focus this term in writing is learning all about the features of letter writing.


Term 2

Although it is only early November, Primary 3 are already starting to learn the first few songs for our Nativity Performance. The Nativity is called ‘Children of the World’ … we are excited about seeing budding actors and actresses emerging and a chance to work as a team to produce something we are all really proud of. We are looking forward to performing in front of a ‘real audience’ and hopefully getting you all in the mood for Christmas!



We have enjoyed watching the trees surrounding the school changing colour and spotting some signs of Autumn. We read a lovely book in class called ‘Fletcher and the falling leaves’.  The book inspired us to create our own Autumn art. We made our own ‘Fletcher the fox’ portraits using mixed media. We were really pleased with the finished work!


Our Weather Topic 

At the end of our weather topic we used various aspects of our learning to help us deliver our own, pretend weather forecasts. Children worked with a partner to plan, practice and deliver a weather forecast. We used our knowledge of weather symbols, weather types and weather warnings to help us write the scripts. We also linked in what we had learned about compass points as well as mapping skills, in particular describing the map of the United Kingdom.


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Home learning celebration party! 

We loved seeing the work the children completed at home as part of their homework learning walls. Our ‘celebration event’ gave the children a chance to share their learning and give each other feedback. There were some fantastic acrostic poems linked to the seasons and some super descriptions of book characters and friends. Certificates were given out to children who completed their tasks and we are already looking forward to our next celebration event at the end of the next home learning wall!


We enjoyed bringing our favourite books in to assembly.  We took some time to think about our favourite book characters.  We drew them to make some colourful bunting outside our classroom.  Can you spot some famous characters?




In class, we have been learning different styles and techniques for writing poems. The children creates dome really amazing, descriptive sentences about fireworks. They look fantastic next to the firework pictures they created.


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Maths / Numeracy 

In Maths, the children have been looking at measuring skills and data handling skills. They had opportunities to put these skills in to a real-life context by recording the weather for a week and using this data to present their information in a bar graph (luckily the Scottish weather helped us out and we didn’t just have rain each day!)

Term ahead news …

Literacy and English

In reading we will be focusing on non-fiction books. We will be learning to identify their features and will develop a range of strategies to find relevant information in a text. We will also look at understanding the difference between fact and opinion. The children will be given a chance to bring in and talk about their favourite book for Show and Tell. We are excited about our whole school focus on the First Minister’s Reading challenge and are looking forward to receiving our new Read, Write Count book bags.

This term we hope to push our writing to the next level using VCOP (vocabulary, connectives, openers and punctuation) to create more complex sentences. We will also be writing letters and designing informative posters. Our focus in spelling will be to continue learning Fry’s common words and looking at compound words.

 Numeracy and Mathematics

Our maths focus this term is 2D shape and 3D objects, symmetry and grids. We will be learning to identify, name and describe the features of a variety of 2D shapes and 3D objects and learn to use appropriate vocabulary to compare and order shapes. We will look at drawing and recognising a line of symmetry on a pattern, picture or shape.

Our numeracy work will continue to develop strategies to help us add, subtract and multiply.   We will be learning to apply these skills in real-life contexts.  We will also continue to develop our speed and confidence in recalling number bond facts and times tables.

 Learning Across The Curriculum

This term we will be working hard on our Nativity to perform for all of our parents and carers.  We will be learning the songs in music and practising some drama techniques in class.  Pupils have been asked what kind of role they want in the performance and we have taken this into consideration when allocating roles.  We would appreciate your support in helping your child to learn their song words and, if your child has a speaking role, their lines at home.  We look forward to seeing you at the performance (details to follow).

Our mini topic is a comparison of Malawi and Scotland. We are also planning a little enterprise activity in the run-up to Christmas.

 The Daily Mile

Our class take part in ‘The Daily Mile’ challenge.  We go out for 15 minutes each day to walk, jog or run in order to build up our fitness.  Primary 3B set themselves a challenge to walk the distance from Edinburgh to London (333 miles as the crow flies). We celebrated our ‘arrival’ in London with a little London-themed party.   Next stop – Bruges!

We get really hot and thirsty after ‘The Daily Mile’ so please provide your child with a bottle of water for in school.

The End Of The School Day

Now that the children are settled in P3 we will  dismiss them as a class at the end of the day. It is then up to them to find the adult who is collecting them. If your child can’t find their adult they should come back in to school and report back to their teacher / school office.


Home learning will include weekly reading and spelling along with a termly home learning wall with activities from across the curriculum.  Termly homework is the same as last term, with four activities to be completed by the 20th December.  Following the success of our last Homework Celebration event, we plan to do another one at the end of the block (date to follow).

Also, please ensure your child brings their reading book into school every day. Please also sign your child’s reading record once they have completed any set reading.


P.E. is on Thursdays. Your child should bring suitable clothing (shorts, t-shirt and gym shoes) which should be labelled with their name.

If you have any questions or concerns about your child then please feel free to speak to us, wherever possible, at the end of the day.




Welcome to Primary 3!

We are very much enjoying getting to know your children and we are really looking forward to an exciting year of learning ahead.

We started the term by drawing a portrait of ourselves on a crayon and making our class into a big box of crayons:

‘We are a box of crayons, each of us unique, but when we come together the picture is complete!’

It has been lovely to welcome some new children in to our class and it has been super to see the children being so friendly and welcoming to them.



We had a great first couple of trips to the Book Festival and the Edinburgh Art Festival.  It was a brilliant opportunity for the children to experience different forms of art in various galleries and the children loved hearing from a ‘real-life’ author.

One of the art sculptures we visited was a huge dragon.  We learned that he was a very greedy dragon who kept everything to himself.  We were challenged to design a kind, caring dragon who could teach this dragon to share!



We also loved the opportunity to get creative in the City Art Gallery.  We got a chance to be inventors and architects of the future and were challenged to design what we think Edinburgh might look like in the years to come!

Below is a summary of what we will be learning this term as well as some useful information.

Literacy and English

In reading, there will be a big focus on reading texts with understanding and expression. We will be discussing characters and settings and describing our likes and dislikes of books we have read. Our writing focus will begin with a block on poetry writing followed by personal imaginative writing. In phonics we will be revising the vowel sounds and the magic ‘e’ rule. Spelling will focus on learning common ‘tricky’ words (words which can’t be ‘sounded out’ following normal spelling patterns).

Numeracy and Mathematics

Our maths focus this term is measure and information handling. We will have opportunities to estimate, measure and compare different quantities using standard units. Linked to our weather experiments we will explore how we can sort and display information in different ways such as pictograms, block graphs and Venn diagrams.

In numeracy we will be learning about place value and sequencing numbers. We will also be practising our ‘skip counting’ in 2’s, 5’s and 10’s, building and describing arrays and spotting number patterns. All of these skills will help us as we begin to learn our times tables. We will continue to teach mental maths strategies and we will be working on numeracy problems within a context … that’s when all our learning suddenly becomes meaningful and relevant to everyday life!

Learning Across the Curriculum

Our first cross-curricular theme in Primary 3 is Weather. As a class, we have come up with lots of interesting weather related questions we would like to find out more about.

Through investigation we will learn how to measure and record daily weather in our local environment. We will also conduct experiments to learn about the water cycle and different states of water. We will be exploring weather around the world and its effect on different living things. We will then work towards delivering our own weather reports.


P3B have PE on a Thursday with the specialist. Please ensure your child brings a PE kit in with them (shorts, t-shirt, socks and gym shoes). Please do label your child’s clothes as it makes it a lot easier to track down missing or lost items.

The Daily Mile

cakesOur class have started ‘The Daily Mile’ challenge.  We go out for 15 minutes each day to walk, jog or run in order to build up our fitness.  Primary 3 have set ourselves a challenge to walk the distance from Edinburgh to London (333 miles as the crow flies).  We will celebrate our ‘arrival’ with a wee afternoon-tea style celebration!

We get really hot and thirsty after ‘The Daily Mile’ so please provide your child with a bottle of water for in school.


Now that the children are in P3 we will be starting to dismiss them as a class at the end of the day. It is then up to them to find the adult who is collecting them. If your child can’t find their adult they should come back in to school and report back to their teacher / school office. This system will begin after the September Monday holiday.

Breaking news … a new class mate!


Last week, a very mischievous tiger kept turning up in our classroom.  He was found in all sorts of unusual places and whenever we returned him to the office … he just kept reappearing.  We decided to adopt him as an honorary member of our class but then realized he would get lonely over the weekend.  The children have kindly volunteered to take him home and record what he gets up to.  We look forward to hearing all about Tony the tiger’s adventures when he returns to class on a Monday morning!

Weather topic

We have kicked off our P3 topic for the term which is ‘weather’.  We are learning new weather vocabulary and we have been discovering the different things which make up our weather.


We made our own rain gauge and we are learning to record our weather observations.  We have learned different symbols for different weather types and we will be using these when we give our own weather forecasts and weather reports!

We have been learning about the water cycle and where rain comes from.


Then, in Art and Design we were learning about primary colours and how to mix them to make secondary colours.  We painted these cheery umbrellas!


We also designed symmetrical kites using our cutting skills and creativity to come up with fantastic designs.