Term 4


Primary 3 have loved learning all about ‘The Egyptians’.

Ancient Egyptian Discovery Day

We had an amazing time at our Ancient Egypt Discovery Day! We welcomed parents, carers and other classes to come and tour our classroom. Those who visited took part in Egyptain games, warpped themselves up as mummies, made Egyptain jewellery, iced pyramid biscuits and a host of related art actvities. It was a very successful day with over £100 raised! The children loved the opportunity to showcase their learning. Dressing up as Ancient Egyptains was also great fun.

P3’s trip to the National Museum of Scotland

On Thursday 20th April our class went to the National Museum for a ‘Death in Ancient Egypt’ Workshop. We revisited lots of the things we had been learning in our topic work and we learned lots of new things, too! We worked as ‘Egyptologists’ to examine Egyptian artefacts.  We had to look for clues from treasure buried in tombs and work out who might have been buried there.  We had to crack some code in hieroglyphics and we worked in teams to guess what old artefacts might have been used for.

We then got to look round the ‘Ancient Egypt’ exhibition before we had our lunch. After lunch we took the chance to visit all the stuffed animals and we had fun making discoveries in the adventure planet.

P3’s French café

We have been learning how to name some food and drink in French. We have also been learning to say if we like or dislike different food and drinks. Miss Nelson set up a French café for us to role play what we have been learning. Some children were the customers and had to choose and order items from the menu. Some children were the waiters and waitresses and they had to take the orders and deliver them to the ‘chefs’. The ‘chefs’ then had to sort the right (paper) food and drink for the right customers. The class had great fun and we heard lots of fantastic French being spoken in some very authentic sounding French accents!


‘In the Garden’

We are looking forward to our summer term topic ‘In the Garden’.  We will be taking part in a ‘Bioblitz’ workshop run by the RSPB.  They will help us to discover and learn about some of the mini beasts living in our school garden.

We will be learning about life cycles and food chains.  We will be planting some flowers and vegetables in the school garden and we will be learning more about what plants need in order to survive.

As part of our topic we will be working in cooperative learning groups to design our own miniature gardens.  We will be learning how to draw ‘bird’s eye view’ plans and then use lots of creativity to make some of the miniature elements of our garden.   We will be going on a walk around our local area to collect twigs and sticks, planting grass seeds, planting cress, using wood and saws to make mini benches and tables, using clay to make mini vegetables … we’re sure the children will come up with lots of other brilliant ideas, too!

We are also very excited about having our own caterpillars in the classroom and watching them hatch in to butterflies.  We will be involving the children in planning an end of term butterfly-themed afternoon tea party when we plan to release our butterflies into the school garden.  We are looking forward to an exciting term full of discoveries!

butterfly kit.jpg

Trip To Queen’s Gallery at Hollyrood Palace

On Monday 8th May 2017 we took part in an exciting trip to the Queen’s Gallery at Hollyrood Palace to see Maria Merian’s Butterflies exhibition. We got to explore the exhibition and focused on the colourful butterflies and insects depicted in Merian’s stunning artworks. We enjoyed the opportunity to draw the life-cycle of a butterfly and created an image using a printing technique known as Monoprinting. The children then used colour to finish their pieces of artwork, using the same simple technique used by the artist Maria Merian in her own artworks.

We popped into the Fudge Kitchen on the High Street on our way back to school and got to sample their homemade toffee fudge….yum, yum! What a special way to end our trip out!

Term 3

Happy New Year!

Primary 3 enjoyed making these brrrr-illiant snowmen pictures … unfortunately we are still waiting and hoping for some real snow to arrive so that we can build our own snowmen!

We used our word processing skills to type ‘winter-themed’ words then we changed the font and colour of these words to print out alongside our snowman display.

Enterprise Success

We all enjoyed making and selling the gingerbread kits before Christmas to raise money for Mary’s Meals.  It’s a great thought that 15 children will be receiving meals for a whole school year thanks to our efforts.  Thank you to everyone who bought one of our kits and supported our enterprise, we hope the gingerbread biscuits were tasty!!

Here are a few of our Malawi inspired art pictures we painted:

Setting goals for the year ahead …

The whole school has been involved in setting goals for the year ahead.  Here are some of our class goals displayed outside our classroom …


Our new topic – Ancient Egypt!


We are really enjoying our new topic, we have already been learning about how to write like an Egyptian using hieroglyphics, we have learned all about pyramids and we have enjoyed learning about the ‘mummification’ process.



Here is our class mascot (Marley) after he was ‘mummified!’


We enjoyed learning about the various steps involved in mummifying a dead body and had fun acting out the mummification process on each other.

How to make an Egyptian Mummy (see the different steps below):

  1. First wash the body with palm oil and water from the River Nile


2. Next, pull out the brains through the nostrils using a hook. Fill the skull with sawdust or resin.


3. Cut out the internal body parts (except the heart). Put the liver, lungs, intestines and stomach into canopic jars to dry out.


4. Cover the body with natron salt. Leave it to dry for 40 days.


5. After the 40 days, remove the natron and pack the body with straw.


6. Apply make up, fake eyes and hair to make it look nice.


7. Finally, wrap the body in linen fabric, adding amulets and a Book of the Dead.


Marley the monkey has actually been getting up to all sorts of mischief in our class.  For letter writing this week we wrote letters to his mum telling her about the various antics he has been getting up to.  Our focus this term in writing is learning all about the features of letter writing.


Term Ahead Letter – January 2017

We have a fantastic term ahead of us with lots of interesting lessons on our new topic: Ancient Egypt. Please find information below on what the children will be learning this term as well as some useful admin points.

Literacy and English

In reading, we will be looking at both fiction and non-fiction texts. We will be learning how to analyse and evaluate texts and frame questions to ask others. We will also be continuing to develop comprehension skills.

In Listening and Talking, we will be doing presentations on our favourite stories. As part of the children’s home learning, your child will be asked to prepare a short talk on their favourite book to present to the class.

In writing, we will continue looking at the features of a letter. We will also be focussing on newspaper reports, investigating structure, headlines and captions.

Numeracy and Mathematics

In numeracy, we will continue to work on our number bonds to 20 and how they can help us with addition and subtraction. We will be learning how to share a whole into equal parts. We will continue to practice our 2, 5 and 10 times table and we will be introducing the 3 times table, too. We will also be learning to recognise odd and even numbers and how to round numbers to the nearest 10 or 100.

Our maths focus this term will be on time. The children will be learning to tell the time on digital and analogue clocks focussing on o’clock, half past, quarter past and quarter to. We will be learning to estimate different lengths of time and know that the 24 hour day is split into AM/PM.

Learning Across the Curriculum

This term will be jam-packed with topic work investigating Ancient Egypt. Pupils will learn about the history and customs of ancient Egyptian culture.

The children have already got stuck in on learning how to make a “mummy”. So far we have mummified a pupil and a tomato. We have also learned about the mummification process using this fun online activity.  Click here if you and your child would like to have a go at home but we warn you now – it is not for the faint hearted!

We will be organising and running a P3 Egyptian Museum day on Friday 31st March. Families will be invited to come in and share our learning. We shall send out details of this event closer to the time.

At the end of our Egyptian topic, we will be taking the children to the National Museum of Scotland on Chamber Street for an interactive workshop on Ancient Egypt.

Later in the term, we will have a workshop delivered by “Changeworks” teaching the children about litter awareness.

Want to get involved in our topic?

We recognise that parents/carers often have expertise or knowledge that they could contribute to making our topic more interesting.

If you feel that you have any contacts, skills, knowledge or unusual resources you could contribute to give the pupils an experience that they would not otherwise have, we would love to hear from you.



Home learning will include weekly reading, a choice of spelling activities along with a termly home learning wall with activities from across the curriculum. Termly homework is the same as last term, with 4 activities to be completed by the 17th March.

In spelling homework, the children should choose one set of words to practice from the “mild”, “spicy” or “hot” choices in their home learning books. If you are unsure what words would be suitable for your child and would like some guidance, please don’t hesitate to speak to us at the end of the day.

Please ensure your child brings their reading book into school every day. Please also sign your child’s reading record once they have completed any set reading.

Homework Celebration!

We will continue to have our termly homework celebration.  It has been a great opportunity for the children to share some of their learning with the rest of the class.  All children who complete a home learning task will be issued with a certificate and their name will put into our weekly raffle!


P.E. is still on Mondays and Thursdays. Your child should bring suitable clothing (shorts, t-shirt and gym shoes) which should be labelled with their name. We are lucky to have a specialist from Murrayfield Wanderers Rugby Club coming in to teach the class touch rugby skills on a Wednesday afternoon for 5 weeks.

If you have any questions or concerns about your child then please feel free to speak to us, wherever possible, at the end of the day.

Yours sincerely

Mrs Anderson and Mrs Gillies

Term 2

Term Ahead Letter – Primary 3


Dear Parent/Carer,

We have a busy term ahead as we get ready to perform the Nativity on the 14th and 15th of December. Please find information below on what the children will be learning this term as well as some useful admin points.

Literacy and English

In reading we will be focusing on non-fiction books. We will be learning to identify their features and will develop a range of strategies to find relevant information in a text. We will also look at understanding the difference between fact and opinion. The children will be given a chance to bring in and talk about their favourite book for Show and Tell. We are excited about our whole school focus on the First Minister’s Reading challenge and are looking forward to receiving our new Read, Write Count book bags.

This term we hope to push our writing to the next level using VCOP (vocabulary, connectives, openers and punctuation) to create more complex sentences. We will also be writing letters and designing informative posters. Our focus in spelling will be to continue learning Fry’s common words and looking at compound words.

Numeracy and Mathematics

Our maths focus this term is 2D shape and 3D objects, symmetry and grids. We will be learning to identify, name and describe the features of a variety of 2D shapes and 3D objects and learn to use appropriate vocabulary to compare and order shapes. We will look at drawing and recognising a line of symmetry on a pattern, picture or shape.

We will use grid references to locate and describe position.

Our numeracy work will continue to develop strategies to help us add, subtract and multiply. We will be learning to apply these skills in real-life contexts. We will also continue to develop our speed and confidence in recalling number bond facts.

Learning Across the Curriculum

This term we will be working hard on our Nativity to perform for all of our parents and carers. We will be learning the songs in music and practising some drama techniques in class. Pupils have been asked what kind of role they want in the performance and we have taken this into consideration when allocating roles. We would appreciate your support in helping your child to learn their song words and, if your child has a speaking role, their lines at home. We look forward to seeing you at the performance (details to follow).

Our mini topic is a comparison of Malawi and Scotland. We are also planning a little enterprise activity in the run-up to Christmas.


Home learning will include weekly reading and spelling along with a termly home learning wall with activities from across the curriculum. Termly homework is the same as last term, with four activities to be completed by the 5th December. Following the success of our last Homework Celebration event, we plan to do another one at the end of the block (date to follow).  Please ensure your child brings their reading book into school every day. Please also sign your child’s reading record once they have completed any set reading.  P.E. is on Mondays and Thursdays. Your child should bring suitable clothing (shorts, t-shirt and gym shoes) which should be labelled with their name. Thanks.

If you have any questions or concerns about your child then please feel free to speak to us, wherever possible, at the end of the day.

Yours sincerely

Mrs Anderson and Mrs Gillies


Home learning celebration party!thca29w0fl  preschool-children-playing-clip-art-i41

We loved seeing the work the children completed at home as part of their homework learning walls. Our ‘celebration event’ gave the children a chance to share their learning and give each other feedback.   We were very impressed with the creative ideas the children had in designing their own games to help reinforce addition and subtraction skills. We have added them to the children’s ‘fast-finisher challenge trays’ in class and they are looking forward to trying them out. There were some fantastic acrostic poems linked to the seasons and some super descriptions of book characters and friends. Other children came up with brilliant examples of arrays around us in everyday life and some children were able to recite the poem which helps us know how many days are in each month… very impressive!  Certificates were given out to children who completed their tasks and we are already looking forward to our next celebration event at the end of the next home learning wall!



In class, we have been learning different styles and techniques for writing poems.  We are regularly amazed and inspired by the interesting, creative ideas the children have and the super pieces of poetry they have produced …

Maths / Numeracy

In Maths, the children have been looking at measuring skills and data handling skills. They had opportunities to put these skills in to a real-life context by measuring rainfall in a week and making a graph to show the results. They also recorded the weather for a week and used this data to present their information in a bar graph (luckily the Scottish weather helped us out and we didn’t just have rain each day!) In Numeracy we are busy perfecting our ‘skip counting’ skills which will really help us as we learn our times tables facts.


In PE, we have been developing balance skills. Children worked with partners and in small groups to prepare a sequence of individual and cooperative balances. They performed these in front of the class and we enjoyed giving and receiving feedback comments.

Our Weather Topic

weather-symbolsAt the end of our weather topic we used various aspects of our learning to help us deliver our own, pretend weather forecasts. Children worked with a partner to plan, practice and deliver a weather forecast.   We used our knowledge of weather symbols, weather types and weather warnings to help us write the scripts. We also linked in what we had learned about compass points as well as mapping skills, in particular describing the map of the United Kingdom.   A special well done to Siraj and Hidaya who worked with our Arabic Pupil Support Assistant and delivered some of their weather forecast in Arabic!


Autumn art

We have enjoyed watching the trees surrounding the school changing colour and spotting some signs of Autumn. We read a lovely book in class called ‘Fletcher and the falling leaves’.


The book inspired us to create our own Autumn art. Some of the children chose to do an Autumn tree scene and the rest of the class chose to do fox-art inspired by the main character in the book. We were really pleased with the finished work!

dscf1236   dscf1237

dscf1233   dscf1232


Looking ahead!  Early request for tinsel and tea-towels!

tinsel-and-tea-toweldAlthough it is only early November, Primary 3 are already starting to learn the first few songs for our Nativity Performance. The Nativity is called ‘Tea-towels and Tinsel’ … we are excited about seeing budding actors and actresses emerging and a chance to work as a team to produce something we are all really proud of. We are looking forward to performing in front of a ‘real audience’ and hopefully getting you all in the mood for Christmas!



Welcome to Primary 3!

Term Ahead Letter – Primary 3

We are very much enjoying getting to know your children. The class have settled well into the new ‘big’ playground, they are picking up routines of life in the junior corridor and they are coping well with the extended day. We are really looking forward to an exciting year of learning ahead.

We had a great first trip to the Book Festival and enjoyed listening to the author, Gill Lewis. The children were very excited when she brought out her huge water rescue dog ‘Murphy’ who is the inspiration for one of the characters in her Puppy Academy books.  We were really proud to hear from Mr Napier that a member of the public had phoned into school to compliment our class’s behaviour having watched them on the bus journey and having seen them all thanking the bus driver as they left. They were a credit to you and we are looking forward to taking them out on more trips soon!

Below is a summary of what we will be learning this term as well as some useful information.

Literacy and English

In reading, there will be a big focus on reading texts with understanding and expression. We will be discussing characters and settings and describing our likes and dislikes of books we have read.

Our writing focus will begin with a block on poetry writing followed by personal imaginative writing.

In phonics we will be revising the vowel sounds and the magic ‘e’ rule. Spelling will focus on learning common ‘tricky’ words (words which can’t be ‘sounded out’ following normal spelling patterns).

Numeracy and Mathematics

Our maths focus this term is measure and information handling. We will have opportunities to estimate, measure and compare different quantities using standard units. Linked to our weather experiments we will explore how we can sort and display information in different ways such as pictograms, block graphs and Venn diagrams.

In numeracy we will be learning about place value and sequencing numbers. We will also be practising our ‘skip counting’ in 2’s, 5’s and 10’s, building and describing arrays and spotting number patterns. All of these skills will help us as we begin to learn our times tables. We will continue to teach mental maths strategies and we will be working on numeracy problems within a context … that’s when all our learning suddenly becomes meaningful and relevant to everyday life!

Learning Across the Curriculum

Our first cross-curricular theme in Primary 3 is Weather. As a class, we have come up with lots of interesting weather related questions we would like to find out more about.

Through investigation we will learn how to measure and record daily weather in our local environment. We will also conduct experiments to learn about the water cycle and different states of water. We will be exploring weather around the world and its effect on different living things. We will then work towards delivering our own weather reports.


P3B have PE on a Monday with the specialist as well as on a Thursday with the class teacher. Please ensure your child brings a PE kit in with them (shorts, t-shirt, socks and gym shoes). Please do label your child’s clothes as it makes it a lot easier to track down missing or lost items.

We are enjoying a lovely wee spell of warmer weather at the moment so please pack a bottle of water which your child can drink from if our classroom heats up.

Now that the children are in P3 we will dismiss them as a class at the end of the day. It is up to them to find the adult who is collecting them. If your child can’t find their adult they should come back in to school and report back to their teacher.

Breaking news … a new class mate!


In week one, a very mischievous monkey kept turning up in our classroom.  He was found in all sorts of unusual places and whenever we returned him to the office … he just kept reappearing.  We decided to adopt him as an honorary member of our class but then realized he would get lonely over the weekend.  The children have kindly volunteered to take him home and record what he gets up to.  We love hearing all about Marley the monkey’s adventures when he returns to class on a Monday morning!

Weather topic

We have kicked off our P3 topic for the term which is ‘weather’.  We are learning new weather vocabulary and we have been discovering the different things which make up our weather.


We made our own rain gauge and we are learning to record our weather observations.  We have learned different symbols for different weather types and we will be using these when we give our own weather forecasts and weather reports!

We have been learning about the water cycle and where rain comes from.


Then, in Art and Design we were learning about primary colours and how to mix them to make secondary colours.  We painted these cheery umbrellas!

dscf1110We also designed symmetrical kites using our cutting skills and creativity to come up with fantastic designs.

We have been learning to take simple notes as part of our listening skills.  We watched some film clips about extreme weather,  took some notes, then used these during a cooperative learning exercise.  We worked in groups of four and each of us had a role.  One of us was a scribe, one the resource manager, one the encourager and one the presenter.  We made mind maps about the extreme weather we had been learning about then we shared our learning with the rest of the class.


Friendship Focus

As part of our Health and Wellbeing curriculum we have been exploring what makes a good friend.  We wrote some tasty ‘friendship pie’ recipes complete with all the lovely attributes we are looking for in a friend.

The children made and decorated their own ‘friendship tokens’ and have been awarding these to peers in their class who have behaved in a supportive and friendly way.  We have been recording all the reasons the friendship tokens have been awarded and each class will get to share some of their reasons in a whole school assembly at the end of September.

We read the book ‘Only One You’ by Linda Kranz.  The book talks about how we are all unique and special.  We painted out own ‘unique’ and ‘special’ rock fish inspired by the characters in the book and we discussed how we can be good friends to others and make the world a better place.


Roald Dahl Day

We enjoyed celebrating Roald Dahl Day on Tuesday 13th September.  There were some super costumes in our class celebrating many of the wonderful characters Dahl has invented.  We enjoyed doing some creative writing imagining what Charlie must have thought and said when he discovered his golden ticket!

Here we are in our amazing costumes!   Take a look at Cole’s giant paper mache peach. Brilliant job!