Term Ahead: August-October 2017 Primary 5

Dear Parent/Carer,

Welcome to P5. It’s so nice to see the children back at school and ready to face the term ahead.

In the boxes below we have provided details of what the children will be learning over this term and some other useful information.

Literacy and English


In reading, we will be concentrating on characterisation, setting and using questioning to help understanding of a text.


In writing, our focus will be on writing letters, and imaginative stories about superheroes and introducing paragraphs. Grammar and punctuation will be taught alongside writing and will focus on using nouns, pronouns, dictionary and thesaurus skills.


Spelling will concentrate on learning common words linked to days of the week, months of the year etc. and words containing silent letters.


Numeracy and Mathematics


Our focus in Numeracy this term is place value (what a number is worth) and fractions.


Lessons will include mental maths practice and opportunities for answering worded questions, in addition to straightforward computations.


We will also be learning problem solving strategies: guess, check, improve and draw a diagram.


By the end of P5 children will be expected to have secure knowledge of the multiplication tables. Could we please ask that this is something you practise with your child at home on an ongoing and regular basis

Learning Across the Curriculum


In RME we will be learning about Christianity and the significance of Bible stories.


Our topic focus will be ‘Eco- systems and habitats’, which will be a cross curricular study.


In Health and Wellbeing, we will be learning about expressing our feelings and identifying activities which improve my feelings. We will also be looking at friendships and emotions and their impact on ourselves and others. We will also be learning about the people we can approach for help.

We have already visited the Book Festival and are hoping to visit the Water of Leith Visitor Centre.



P.E: will take place on Tuesdays and Fridays. Please ensure children have their kit with them on those days to ensure they get the full benefit of lessons.


Music: will take place on Thursdays for P5A

Home Learning: Homework will be given out on a Wednesday and should be brought back to school on a Monday.


Swimming: P5A will have swimming lessons on Thursday mornings from 24/8/17-26/10/17 and P5B will have swimming lessons from 2/11/17- 11/1/18

If you have any queries or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact us. We are usually available at the end of the day.

Yours sincerely,

Phyllis O’Brien

P5A enjoyed participating in active maths lessons outdoors. They worked co-operativley to get into different sizes of groups.  They were able to work really well together by using good communication skills.

P5A have been swimming every Thursday, it has been great to see so many star swimmers.  The class have shown resilience and determination, especially those children who are less confident in the water.