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TERM 1 – August to October 2017

We only have three more weeks to get to New York on the Titanic!

It might be a case of sink or swim!

If you get the chance ask us about our learning:

  • how icebergs are formed and why they are a problem
  • where in the world we’d see icebergs and why
  • why people wanted to believe the claim that Titanic was ‘unsinkable’ and why that wasn’t possible
  • what jobs people could get aboard the Titanic
  • why people were on the Titanic
  • what immigration is, what people took with them and how luggage has changed since then
  • how methods of communication have changed over time and the benefits and disadvantages of different types of communication methods
  • where the Titanic and it’s twin sister were built, and whether they were built for speed or comfort
  • where in the world the Titanic went and where she was due to go
  • the differences between first class and third class passengers and their experiences aboard ship
  • what people may have eaten on the Titanic and whethr they had healthy diets
  • what the newspapers had to say about the sinking of the Titanic
  • that some recounts and reports about the Titanic are truer than others and why
  • how many people could get on a lifeboat compared to how many actually got on
  • how we know about the Titanic over 100 years later

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 We’ve been going higher and higher with our numbers too! Some of us are well into our thousands and some even into millions! We found that we can make numbers 10, 100 and 1000 times bigger.  There is a trick to it – ask us, but if we say anything about adding a zero please look horrified! (We should be able to explain all about moving digits to the left and using zero to hold the columns… fingers crossed!)

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