Welcome to P6B 😊 Mrs. Kamal

Fun facts we found out

  • There are 40 days until CHRISTMAS!
  • There are 195 countries in the world, 7 continents and 5 oceans.
  • There are 3650 days in 10 years!


This term we are learning how to plan, write, edit and perform play scripts. We will be looking at the layout and structure of play scripts and how to use a variety of punctuations ! , ? … : (). We are enjoying reading many different play scripts with expression taking on the role of different characters.


In maths, we will be recapping 2D and 3D shapes whilst learning how to estimate, measure and draw the different angles (acute, right, obtuse and reflex) using a protractor. We will also be looking at counting forwards and backwards in decimal tenths and hundredths. Children should continue to practice their timetables as they will be quizzed on different timetable sums for the Timetable Challenge!


This terms topic is all about the Arabian Nights. The children are listening and reading many different stories from the Arabian Nights narrated by Scheherazade. The children are currently taking part in Project Genie creating their own drama performance based on the stories from the Arabian Nights.


We are looking forward to our visit to the Lyceum Theatre to watch the Arabian Nights performance.


In RME we will be focusing on the religion of Islam looking at the similarities and differences with the religion of Christianity. In Art, we will be creating our own Islamic patterns looking at different 2D shapes, repeated patterns and tessellation.


Reading will be differentiated through text, support and independent work level. We are learning to take notes, summaries information and predict what might happen on the bases of what we have previously read. Children will continue to read with expression whilst also responding to a variety of questions to improve their comprehension skills. 


This term we will be concentrating on the spelling patterns ought, tion, sion and ssion. We will continue to practice how to use a dictionary to check the definition of words and how to use a thesaurus to look for different words with the same meaning.


Spelling, reading, maths and topic homework are set weekly. Pupils should complete one spelling task and one other activity each week. This term we will be carry on with ‘My interest’ JASS activity. There will also be JASS presentations during November. We issue homework every Tuesday and it should be returned by Monday. I would like to thank you for the support that you give the children both for homework and JASS, this is really important and makes a huge difference to their progress.


Please ensure that your child has suitable clothing for indoor and outdoor PE on Tuesdays and Wednesdays to gain the maximum benefit from the lessons.

Last Term

We learnt all about the titanic disaster in 1912 and built our own titanic models.