In the new year…

Next term, all Primary 6 and Primary 7 pupils will be taking part in an exciting workshop and performance of ‘The Dragon of the Western Sea’ with Scottish Opera.

We will be learning lots of interesting songs and actions and most importantly, having fun! In between presents and the odd Christmas movie this holiday, the children are encouraged to try to learn some of the songs. This will help them prepare which hopefully, will enhance the enjoyment of their participation and performance.

Click here or follow the link below will take you to a special Scottish Opera webpage with the Sing-along Storybook in order to practise the songs.


Recent Trips

We have been very lucky this term to have gone on some amazing trips. Thank you to all the parents and carers who have supported us. We would not be able to go without you!

The Risk Factory

We LOVED our trip to the Risk Factory where we got to experience everyday risks in a safe environment.  Here are some pictures of the action!


Edinburgh College

We had the chance to meet fellow pupils from cluster schools at Edinburgh College to learn all about something called S.T.E.M. Ask your child if they can tell you what S.T.E.M stands for and what they got up to on the day!  Here are some clues:


Tynecastle High School

As part of transition to High School, we recently visited Tynecastle High School to learn about the kind of things we would be studying.  We learned how to make our own keyrings in the C.D.T workshop!