Primary 7 Adventure Week

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Our super Primary 7s are going to enjoy a fun-filled week trying out many new and interesting activities.  Here you can find out all about it.

Monday 14th November

Adventure day with Mr Lockhart

Today we went to Corstorphine Hill forest with Mr Lockhart.  We were excited about all the great things we would be doing. We all worked together to collect things to make a fire.  On the fire we melted marshmallows and made smores and drank hot chocolate.  Adrian and Eliasz helped Mr Lockhart to build a shelter from things we could find and a tarpaulin that  Mr Lockhart had.  Eliasz made a bow and Adrian sharpened the sticks with a knife.  They also made a swing and a slack line.

We had a very fun and exciting time – Thanks you Mr Lockhart!

Poniedziałek 14 listopada

Przygoda dzień z panem Lockhart

Dzisiaj poszliśmy do Corstorphine Hill lesie z panem Lockhart. Byliśmy podekscytowani wszystkich wielkich rzeczy będziemy robić. Wszyscy pracowali razem zebrać rozrzedza się, aby pożar. Z ogniem mamy topi marshmallows i wykonane smores i pili gorącą czekoladę. Adrian i Eliasz pomógł pan Lockhart zbudować schronienie od rzeczy możemy znaleźć i brezentu, że pan Lockhaart mieli. Eliasz mad łuk i Adrian zaostrzone kije nożem. Zrobili również huśtawkę oraz luźną linę.

Mieli bardzo zabawne i ekscytujące czas – Dzięki Ci Panie Lockhart!

By Adrian and Eliasz

Tuesday 15th November

History Tour with Mr Napier

Today we went to Edinburgh Castle and the Royal Mile.  We were all very excited.  We looked at interesting and ancient artefacts like the crown jewels, military prisons and the Heart of Midlothian. We went into Edinburgh Castle and the view was out of this world! We met people dressed as soldiers and they spoke to us about what soldiers would’ve worn in WWII.

After our visit to the castle we walked down the Royal Mile.  Mr Napier was pointing out interesting things on the way.  He told us about Maggie Dickson – she was a lady who was sent to be hung for leaving her dead child near the river but she survived! He also told us about Deacon Brodie, a councillor by day, but a thief by night.  At the Canongate Church we found out that Burke and Hare would steal bodies from the graves and sell them to Edinburgh University for research.  Soon, they didn’t wait until somebody died, they started killing them themselves.  Eventually, Burke was hung because his sidekick, Hare, told the police everything and he was saved.

We also saw the Heart of Midlothian, outside St Giles Cathedral, which was the spot were people were sent to be hung, the Scottish Parliament and Holyrood Palace.

We really enjoyed our visit to Edinburgh Castle and the Royal Mile, it was very interesting!  Thank you Mr Napier!

By Aiman and Aisha

Wednesday 16th November

Cinema Fun

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Today we went to Cineworld at Fountain Park to see The Jungle Book in 3D with Mrs Little.  We left school at 9am and got the number 22 bus to Western Approach Road.  We walked through the tunnel to the cinema.  We felt really excited because we hadn’t seen the film before or experienced 3D.  The film started at 10am.

The film was about a boy who lived with his dad.  His dad put him in a cave to protect him from a tiger – Shere Khan.  The tiger came and attacked the boy’s dad and he was left all alone.  The boy was raised by a panther, Bagheera, and a pack of wolves.  The story follows Mowgli and Bagheera as they are hunted by Shere Khan. They meet enemies on the way including the snake, Kaa but also make new friends like Baloo the bear.  There were a few scary bits that made us jump!

My favourite bit is when the monkeys take Mowgli, ask him to bring them the red flower and sing ‘I wanna be like you.’

My favourite bit was also the monkeys.  It was after Baloo told Mowgli to go away and the monkey was copying him.

We would recommend the film highly!

Thank you for taking us Mrs Little!

By Meena and Shahd

Thursday 17th Novmeber

Brilliant Bowling!

Today we went bowling at Fountain Park with Mrs Gilbertson.  We had 2 games of bowling to see who could get the highest score.  In the first game Meena won with a score of 97 and the second game was won by Aiman also with a score of 97! It was really fun as most of us hadn’t been bowling before.


Back at school we made homemade pizzas and garlic bread.  Our pizzas had a tomato topping, cheese, red, green and yellow peppers and mushrooms on top.  Mrs Gilbertson left the pizzas in the oven too long and the boys’ pizza was a little bit burned and the infant corridor was smoked out – OOOPPSS!!  However the pizzas tasted delicious and we had cake for pudding – YUMMY!

Friday 18th November

Edinburgh Zoo


We have had a fabulous day at the zoo.  This morning we had a brisk walk in the crisp air talking about all the wonderful things we might see.

Once at the zoo, we walked past some very interesting birds, the flamingos and then we saw some lemurs before making it to the Budongo Trail!  In here were the chimpanzees.

“We went in and we saw a little chimpanzee.  It was called Valuo and it was 2.5 years old.  He was jumping and playing around in his home.  We saw another chimpanzee, he had his own blanket so he could sleep.”  Shahd

Next we went to the education centre and met Jo.  She told has all about the rainforest in the Rainforest Explores workshop.  We got to touch and hold a python, hissing cockroaches, male and female, and a tree frog.  We had a challenge to complete which was putting the animals in the correct layer of the rainforest.  The layers are the forest floor, understory, canopy and emergent.  Depending on how well an animal can climb and how heavy they are helped us decide which layer of the rainforest they lived in.

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We finally went to see the pandas, but they were sleeping!

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