Merchiston Buddies

Every Wednesday we are visited by fourteen boys from Merchiston Castle School. The boys are buddied up and work with some pupils from P5, P6, and P7. They help  with  JASS awards and other work and then we take part in a variety of activities and games, both inside and outside in the playground. Twice a year the Balgreen children have the opportunity to visit their Buddies at Merchiston Castle School.

Merchiston Buddies Christmas Party

13 very excited Balgreen pupils and Mrs Edgar visited Merchiston Castle School on Wednesday 7th December for a Christmas party with their Merchiston Buddies. Great fun was had by all!

First, we went into the cafeteria where our buddies helped us to decorate cup cakes with marshmallows, sprinkles and edible Christmas decorations. We were then able to drink delicious hot chocolate and eat our cupcakes. There were crackers and hooters (Mrs Edgar had a very sore head by the end of the visit!) and rocket balloons to play with.

Then our Buddies took us into another hall where they had organised a game of Pass the Parcel for us.There were lots of parcels with lots of layers of paper to unwrap and some Balgreen children managed to win more than one prize!

Sadly, we had to return back to school but are looking forward to working with our Buddies again after Christmas.