Support For Learning

Parents Evenings- How can we support out learners at home?


Below you will find useful Apps to help learners with reading, writing, numeracy and other areas they wish to practise.

CALL Scotland team have created a few App wheels which are available to download on their website. Great for dyslexics! Great for everyone!

Call app wheel

Top 3 Apps to support reading and writing

  1. book creator

Book Creator works on tablets, iPads and desktops- available through Chrome browsers for Android and through the App Store for iPads.


2. pagesPages

Pages App is a word processing App which helps your child record ideas more quickly. If your child finds handwriting, spelling or editing difficult, they can learn how to check spelling, grammar and even have their writing read back to them! Children can use talk-to-text, predictive text , text-to-talk and add photos to help remember their ideas. They can record sound files to help remember their ideas before writing too.


3. explain everything

Explain Everything is available from Google Play and the App Store.

It’s great for lots of reasons not least recording in photos or sound clips any homework tips your child needs. Leave instructions on the page for your child to use as a reminder while you encourage them to work more independently for a while.



Just for fun!

lenord app Furry Friend

Furry Friend is only available from the App Store for iPad.

Read to Lenord and he will repeat every word! Try reading topic word lists or common words to Lenord.  Just remember to switch him off or he’ll drive you up the wall! Kids love him.

Top 3 Apps for Spelling

  1. pirate phonics 1 Pirate Phonics 1

Pirate Phonics offers fun and Phonics for kids who are just learning to read/recognise letters and simple CVC words.

Free using Amazon Underground


2. squeebles spelling Squeebles Spelling

Parents & Teachers –  this spelling app lets you set up  customised spelling tests for your children with the words they need to learn, or download pre-recorded tests (UK Eng.).squeebles spelling 2.PNG


3. eggy words icon Reading Eggs

This app will help your child recognise and learn the essential sight words that make up a large part of everyday reading.

eggy words 1eggy words 2

Other apps are available.eggy apps

Top Apps for Numeracy

Call numbMore great Apps from Call Scotland!


1. hit the button 2 Hit the Button Maths

Mental maths and calculation skills practice for 5-11 year olds

hit the button 1

2. Pop Maths 1Pop Maths

PopMath is a fun way for kids to practice basic numeracy.


3. Math bingo 1Math Bingo

Math BINGO is a fun way for children to practice maths facts on the computer. Choose from addition, subtraction, multiplication or division BINGO.




More ICT supports

Go to CAll Scotland’s website for more information.

call app list

Print off this useful guide to using Book creator 2


Freddy Frog’s Amazing Phonics!

 Freddy Frog Factfile

Good at: hopping and phonics
Could be better at : riding a bike
Likes: Balgreen school pond
Dislikes: bad phonemes and flapjack with no flies in it

Favourite food: flies
Scared of : witches looking for spell ingredients
Ambition: to help Balgreen pupils and parents with reading and spelling

What Does Freddy Do?

Freddy teaches us new things about words.
1.We know there are lots of sounds in English.

2.We now call them ‘phonemes’.

3. Freddy helps us to work in ‘perfect partners’ to say ‘PURE Phonemes’, not like they learned in the old days!

We are usually FAAAAANTASTIC!

ow blow the snow

4. When we write ‘phonemes’ they turn into ‘graphemes’. It sounds really hard but actually, we can handle it.

5. We can even show you special ‘grapheme marks’ and we’re getting pretty good at it!grapheme marks 2

Here are our new skills for reading and spelling;

  • finger spelling (squeeze those fingers!)three-fingers1
  • finger writing (really really small letters)
  • being perfect partners for our speed sounds (‘try again partner’)
  • Fred Talk (He can only talk in sounds so we call out the word)     fred
  • Fred in your Head (WE have to sound out the phonemes THEN call out the word! e.g. sh ou t = shout!)
  • Hold a sentence (to help train our memories)
  • Using a colour ruler to help pick the right spelling pattern (ai, ai ,ai is grey..ey..ey)
  • grapheme marks (dot for single sound and a line or arc for others)



You are Fantastic Freddy!

Parents and carers can find out more about Freddy’s work on the Read Write Inc website.