Sustainability Group

More fun in the garden!

We have created some ‘outdoor boxes’ for the garden! One box has got all sorts of bits and bobs for a minibeast hunt! We have sheets, bug pots and identifying bug cards to see what we can find in the garden. The other box has some fabulous books we found in the school library all out wildlife, recycling and our environment for some lovely quiet reading in the garden. Also as part of our prize from the Roots and Shoots Awards we one a subscription to The National Geographic Kids magazine. So we thought that would be a great place to put it so everyone has a chance to have a read! Enjoy everyone! We will be asking our classes soon what they think of the boxes and what we can do to improve them.


Now that the garden is look great again after everyone’s hard work on Outdoor Learning Day, one of the next jobs for the Eco Group is making sure all of the areas of the garden have signs t make sure everyone knows what everything is! Photographs to follow…

Water of Leith Community Garden

We have been working with the Water of Leith Conservation Trust for over a year now to help create a lovely community garden at the end of Pansy Walk. The Eco Group helped design the garden and in November last year P1 helped to plant the first plants in our flower beds. (Check P1A’s webpage for some more info!)

Now that it’s Spring time it’s time to get planting again and looking after our part of the garden. On our outdoor learning day, the lovely people from The Water of Leith Conservation Trust worked with groups of children tidying up the garden, creating habitats for minibeasts, and building bird houses. It was a very busy day! (Check the Outdoor Learning Day webpage for some great photos!)

As part of this, the Eco Club launched a competition in assembly for someone to design a poster to put up in the garden for the local community to see and find out about what the garden is all about. We had so many amazing entries, everyone tried so hard! The Water of Leith Conservation Trust chose the winning poster. Well done Millie in P3A. Here’s her great poster in action!


Here are some other photos of the garden so far. We still have some more plans for the flower beds, watch this space!

Roots and Shoots Conference in London

We were very lucky to have been invited to the Roots and Shoots conference in London. This was an incredible opportunity to share all our fabulous ‘eco’ work with other schools and Jane Goodall herself.

Four very excited children P6 children from our Sustainability group had a bit of an adventure last week!  We jumped on the 6am flight from Edinburgh to London and for a couple of us this was the very first time we had been on a plane, let alone to London! It was very exciting! As Kenan said once we had arrived, ‘this is a once in a lifetime day!’

We then headed to the Barbican to set up our display of all the Roots & Shoots work Balgreen has been busy doing. It was great to see the amazing things other schools have been up to, it has really inspired us to do even more at Balgreen! Sharing all of our hard work with Jane was incredible, and receiving an award from her was a moment we will all remember.

After the awards we even had time to quickly zoom around all of the sights in London before catching our flight back up to Scotland. Even Mr H Junior enjoyed the flight.

Follow this link to find out about some of our Roots and Shoots projects:


Some lovely people came to clean out our pond in the garden and to fit a brand new pump. You would not believe what they found! About twenty fish, and best of all ten frogs! Now the pond is clean we have been spending lots of time seeing if we can spot them!


Welcome to the Balgreen Primary’s Sustainability Group!

This group is made up of children from our Eco Group and our Global Citizenship Group. As we are working towards some very similar goals we thought we would do some work together!

As part of our work this year we will be exploring some of the Global Goals for Sustainable Development. Today we started with Goal number 15, Life on Land.


Winter can be a difficult time for wildlife as food can be hard to find. We decided to make our very own yummy bird feeders for our local birds who visit our garden.

Why not try and make one at home! The birds will love them!

You will need:

An apple, an apple corer, string, scissors, two sticks, a paintbrush, honey/apple sauce, bird seed and of course a tall tree!

How to make it:

  • First cut out the core of the apple.
  • Then, tie two sticks together using the string to make a cross shape.
  • Thread the string through the apple with the sticks at the bottom.
  • Paint the apple with either honey of apple sauce.
  • Next, stick the bird seed onto the apple.
  • Find a perfect branch to hang your bird feeder.
  • Finally, wait and see if you can spot any birds enjoying their feast!